Top things to look for when visiting Sagrada Barcelona

Top things to look for when visiting Sagrada Barcelona, Balnearios Mexico

Barcelona is one of the leading attractions of the city. You can see it across the Skyline almost anywhere you go. One of the most pleasing things to do is look over the city at all times. It was designed by Antoni Gaudi, and the process started in 1882. It’s not surprising to find out that the upliftment is still getting continued. As of now, the best projection is above to complete in 2026, which marks 100 years of the death of Gaudi. Though it has an incomplete structure, it is one of the most vital things to watch when you’re in Barcelona. 

The feeling and design that you get placing your foot inside are unparalleled. The church in Barcelona will give you a summarization of what the city is about during the tour. When it comes to accessibility, the Sagrada Familia is almost open to all. What you need to do is hop on the L5 line that takes you towards the Sants station.

If you want to travel by bus, get on the h10 and drop down at the Valencia stop. You can also buy the Hop on hop ticket that land you near the church. Can you get the tickets?

Tickets for Barcelona Sagrada 

One of the well-favored landmarks in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia tickets. Naturally, it will draw a considerable number of visitors daily. it is not surprising to see thousands of people entering the doors of the monument daily. If you want to get in comfort, it is better to book your tickets some days before. You can also get your access online. but we will advise you to buy the ticket one or two weeks before you arrive unless you are visiting Barcelona Sagrada Tickets during the holiday time.

Term to visit 

When you want to book your ticket, select a specific entry time. We will ask you not to leave it at late night because you want to let yourself plenty of time exploring the church in Barcelona. We will ask you to book your ticket at least one or two hours before the sunset. In this way, you can see all the buildings in the rays. You will also get maybe fish and lighting effects that the sunset brings to the structure. The light inside the Basilica will cast a glow on the nave and make you feel like you’re getting transported to another earthly plane.

The nativity facade

It was the only part of the church that got designed by Gaudi. It got finished not until 1935, some years after his death. He was at the spot daily overseeing the work, and it seemed to be the part of the charge that’s entirely personal. the nativity facet has about three porticos dedicated to the Theological virtue of different members of the Holy Family, charity, faith, and hope.

Portico vault

The Charity portico has the scene of annunciation where Gabriel tells Mary that Mary is the Chosen One to bring the son of god. It will also have signs of the Zodiac, which gets depicted near the constellation around the sky. It comes with Rosary beads surrounding the thing. It will represent the miraculous medal that you find around the bracelets. 

You will also see a chorus of Angels on the top of the charity doorway. Each of the angels is a musician playing instruments in religious setups. 

The spire 

Gaudi desired to make the building with the highest stature in Barcelona. He got inspired by the architects in medieval times that built churches at the center of the building. The best h got used to signal the beginning of the workday. He wanted to execute the same idea and the design had 18 spires. It comes with a hole filled that makes it look like a beehive. 

 Rosary portal  

Once you go inside the Church, you seem to pass through the SIM to pass through the Rosary portal. Above the doorway, you will find a statue of the Virgin Mary. The sculpture also wears a crown, being the queen of earthly heaven, she gets crowned with roses. The doorway comes with a cupula lantern letting in a Ray of the sun highlighting her face.

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