Top Adventure Activities in India | Thrilling Experiences Await!

Top Adventure Activities in India | Thrilling Experiences Await!, Balnearios Mexico


If you have been an adventure buff for your whole life and been chasing that feeling of thrill, then India is a haven for you. With an endless number of outdoor activities at different places, it is every adrenaline junkie’s bliss. Whether you want to find solitude in the Himalayas or you find excitement under a thousand feets of water, there is everything. You can go for some of the most adventurous and sought-after treks, or take a plunge in the deep sea. To enjoy the aerial views, different cities of India like Jaipur, Srinagar offer you some excellent destinations for paragliding. 

You will enjoy it to the fullest while doing these activities, but it is also crucial to be cautious and safe by following all the instructions. 

Below, we have listed some of the top adventure activities in India which you can pick. 

A highly thrilling adventure truly awaits you! 


Go On Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Once you undertake the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, you will see why it is called one of the most adventurous trekking experiences of India. It starts from the beautiful village, Shitkadi of Sonamarg where you acclimatise as well. The altitude gain is the highlight of the trek. You cross some of the highest passes of Kashmir and probably India. Throughout the trek, serene, ever-calming lakes of Kashmir including Nangkol Lake, Gangabal Lake, Vishansar Lake, Krishnasar Lake, Satsar Lake, Gadsar Lake and more small water-bodies welcome you where you camp and relax for the night. The routes include trekking in rugged terrinas, dense forests and hopping over boulders is another set of skills needed.

Your next trek should be Kashmir Great Lakes trek, giving the most thrilling experience of a lifetime. 


Visit Historical Forts in Jaipur 

The city of Jaipur breathes royalty, elegance and class. The ancient forts here are a perfect testament to that. Visiting forts in Jaipur is a whole another experience. You see the intrinsic designs with minute detailings. The grandeur of the monuments will surprise you. Some of the globally popular forts of Jaipur are Amber Forts, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, etc. These forts require a minimum fee of INR 50 to 200. Some forts are now turned into hotels where you can reside too. After exploring the forts, you can enjoy the authentic Rajasthani cuisine in the nearby markets. 


Paragliding in Manali 

The city that is primarily seen as an escape from the scorching heat in summers is also known to offer the best spots for paragliding. Popular as a summer retreat, paragliding in Manali is unmissable. With the best instructor and excellent facilities, you can do this thrilling activity safely. One of the known destinations in Manali that presents the perfect opportunity for paragliding is the Solang Valley. It is at a distance of about 14 kilometres from the city to where you can book cabs or taxis. Jumping from surprisingly high-altitude and the feeling thereafter is beyond words. 

A convenient time for paragliding is from October to November where air flow remains stagnant, creating an ideal situation for flying. Paragliding in Manali can cost you around INR 1500-4500. 


Tarsar Marsar trek

Another beautifully astonishing trek of Kashmir, Tarsar Marsar trek is the off-beat, lesser explored trek that you need. The solitude and tranquillity it offers is beyond imagination. 

Starting from the Aru Valley of Pahalgam, it is the ideal one-week trek. The three lakes that are also the highlight of Tarsar Marsar trek are Sundersar, Tarsar and Marsar lake. You even get to pitch your tents in the very close proximity of two lakes among the three.

The routes here need a different set of skills from narrow ,steep ascents and deep descents, you will walk in forests, besides the water streams and much more. Trekking without a trek leader can be a bit dangerous. That’s why many travel companies in Kashmir organise such activities for tourists.


Scuba diving in Lakshadweep

If you are someone who loves to be under-water, Scuba diving is the thing to do. And the best place to do it in India is none other than Lakshadweep. An unexplored region of the country, you will be at peace there. The area comes under the reserved regions of India, keeping it clean and green. The endless beaches of the Island are the way to go. With their crystal clear waters, they make the perfect spot for the top-tier experience of scuba diving. Under the water, you will see varied aquatic diversity with creatures and plants that look like from another planet. It welcomes tourists year-round. 


Desert Safari in Jaisalmer 

If there is one thing on your Rajasthan trip that you can not miss, that would be Desert Safari in Jaisalmer. The infinite deserts here are the prime destination. While sitting on the back of a camel, seeing the royalty and alluring beauty that this place holds, is magical. You are taken to some of the remote places of Jaisalmer. It is a jaisalmer-specific adventure and definitely a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. 

Other than the traditional camel-safari, there is another type too. The Jeep Safari is gaining popularity in Jaisalmer with its great speed and comfort. It totally depends on you. Choose according to your likings and preference. Call it a day and enjoy an authentic Rajasthani meal for your dinner. 


Wildlife Safari in Jim Corbett National Park 

Jim Corbett National Park is the first national park of India, established before Independence. Residing in the stunning area of Nainital, it offers the opportunity to see some rare species of animals from a closer view. It is home to the largest number of tigers and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one of them. The Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National Park gives you some scenic views of rivers and streams present inside the park, the giggling waterfalls, and dense forests too. 

There are options of accommodation present even inside the National Park. It is that big. 

You can even experience river-rafting here as the choice remains available. 


Kayaking in Kerala Backwaters 

A popular adventure of South India is Kayaking in Kerala Backwaters. The action takes you through canals, lagoons, lakes and rivers too. The thrilling experience in high-flowing water is unparalleled and gives you memories of a lifetime. Kayaking is not only a popular activity to do in Kerala, it is also a mode of transport to visit the remote villages here. It presents you the perfect opportunity for an interaction with the locals and a little chit-chat. 

People from nearby cities and states come here for weekend getaways and enjoy the thrills of Kayakind. Some other places in Kerala to explore and enjoy such activities would be Wayanad, Munnar, etc. 


Rock climbing in Hampi 

Another adventurous activity to do in India would be rock-climbing. And the ideal place for it would be Hampi in Karnataka. Hampi has the largest number of boulders in the world and hence the word, ideal. There are small as well as large boulders which are naturally created. Climbers use ropes for the big ones, while free-hand climbing is sufficient for the small boulders. You can visit the Hampi Town via the Tungabhadra river where climbing the mountains is the ultimate highlight. People are so warm and friendly and just as climbing-enthusiasts as you. They readily give you some tips and tricks. 

The place also has remains of some older than time temples and monuments. You can go for sightseeing as well. 


Leh Ladakh Bike tour 

The fast ride on the rough and uneven roads of Ladakh amidst the lofty,sky-touching mountains is every biker’s dream. If Delhi is taken as the starting point, the Leh Ladakh bike tour takes approximately 15 days including visiting popular attractions, arrival, departure and buffer days. If you have done this previously, then you can undertake a solo journey or a group tour would be perfect if this is your first time. When in Ladakh, you can visit monasteries like Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Elsa Monastery etc. The alpine lakes of Ladakh, crossing some of the highest passes of the world, are a must-visit too. Those include Tso Moriri Lake, Pangong Lake etc. 

This is your call to the Land of High Passes. 



These are some of the top activities that lure people from all over the world to come and visit India and its different states. Every state, every region has something different and unique to offer and you will never get bored at one place.

Choose any of the adventure activities next time and have the best time of your life. 

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